Crystal Tree


About Us

Energy is universal. Energy is Ultimate.

It’s proven that where thought goes, energy flows. Your energy is quite unstable and can be very easily influenced. Crystals, on the other hand, have a super stable energy frequency that doesn’t change. They’re made up of a perfect geometric pattern of molecules. This stable energy results in more powerful energy that can influence the ones around it.

The magic of crystals

The idea behind CRYSTAL TREE is to create a curated crystal intention set with powerful energy along with the absorption power into the dimension of our reality, so it works at the right time.

Adding some gems to your life can increase your positive energy and confidence, or remind you of an intention. Crystals are a  powerful tool to achieve things faster. It can stabilize the energy from the universe for us to absorb in the right frequency.

Choose your crystals

The crystals for the intention set are chosen based on three attributes: the desired stone, waystone, and the focus stone. The three stones complement the pursuit and enhance the intention to a higher frequency. The energies can be experienced irrespective of date place and time.

Meditate with the crystals

Meditate on each intention for at least 7 days and at a time we would recommend using 2 different intentions set for a week.  Preferably one intention is set for 7 days when the manifestation ought to be huge. Meditating with the crystals will help you manifest the life of your dreams much sooner than you had thought.

How does it work?

Our crystals are cleansed and charged with powerful energy. Every full moon, place your crystals near a window, balcony, or terrace where it’s directly exposed to the moonlight. Allow it to soak up this powerful cleansing light overnight. The next day hold the crystal intention set (all 3 stones) in your hands and read the affirmations 9 times (you can also meditate with it for a few minutes) and now you are all set to carry the crystals.

Why our crystals are unique?

At Crystal Tree, we have taken a great effort in selecting the crystals, cleansing methods and especially focusing on energizing methods for greater results. The crystals we energize are based on the intention of the set as well as its focus on the client who buys the set. This means that the manifestation frequency is aligned for you to make things happen instantly.

Experience the magic. Live the dream.

These Crystal intention sets will make you a super self performer for your improvement by slashing out any kind of blockages like laziness. It’s like having a genie who makes good things happen for the highest and the best good for one’s life. If you have the intention to get the fullest benefit , follow the instructions without any doubt and expectation. Think that you are adding savings to your bank account. Here your intentions are the money and the bank account is your mind.