This oil is created to be a Road opener for all who are overwhelmed with too many emotions and too many needs or paths to be taken at the same time  or do not know which emotion to be handled to manifest what they want in life. This synergy blend is powerful in enhancing the clarity and  growth in one’s life.

Even one can apply this and then choose the intention crystals to be worked with from CRYSTAL TREE.

These oils are energized with unique techniques along with the essential oils.

It gives clarity in what we want at the moment and opens the door for our growth and happiness.

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Introduction / Benefits:

         Allow this cleansing crystal elixr to help in cleansing and enhancing your energy and aura,your home or work space and your crystals.


                   Crystal elixir of Clear quartz, Rose quartz, Rutilated smokey quartz, Amethyst,Black obsidian,Black tourmaline and Malachite, Full moon beams, Sage(salvia sclarea),Rose Geranium(pelargonium graveolens),Sandalwood(santalum album),vetiver(vetiveria zizanoides) and lavender(lavandula aungstifolia) essential oils, solublizer ,alcohol and sacred blessings with unique methods.


                   1 or 2 sprays on your skin,work space or in the corners of the room.

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