Crystals for Happiness and Joy


These crystals bring out the  happiness and joy inside you.

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Focus stone: Citrine is an excellent stone that increases and brings tons joy & happiness. This is due to its ability to transmute, dissipate, and transform negative energy into positive. Citrine is also very well known for bringing abundance into the bearer’s life. If you are looking to improve the financial aspects of your life Citrine is the crystal for you. It will assist in the attraction and accumulation of wealth drawing prosperity and success to you.

Rose Quartz:

Way Stone: Rose Quartz is an important talisman of relationships. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion, tenderness, nourishment and comfort. It is said to attract and strengthen intimate relationships, dissolve emotional wounds and reconnect us to our own heart’s desires and brings joy and happiness effortlessly.


Desired Stone: Carnelian’s frequency can awaken your ability to feel joy again by embedding you with renewed energy and removing negative energy.

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