Crystals for Meditation


These crystals are very good at clearing the mind through deep meditation.

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A wonderfully calming crystal, Amethyst is one of the key tools to have by your side when practicing the art of meditation. They are able to calm your thoughts and bring clarity of mind to help you become more in tune with your inner self and how you feel on a deeper level.

Clear Quartz:

This gemstone is one of the best all-rounder crystals you can find, but it’s particularly good at helping clear the mind. Clear quartz is also great for filtering out distractions – just what you need when you’re meditating! Just remember, clear quartz = clear mind!


Kyanite: Known as the “grandmother stone” for its nourishing and calming energy, purple lepidolite is a versatile healing crystal that has a positive influence on the so-called superior energy centers — the ones located between the heart and the crown chakras. The Anahata, or heart center, is the chakra that bridges the lower and upper energy pools, therefore it’s essential to keep it open and balanced so that your prana, or life force, can flow freely and reach all the areas of your body.

Keeping your superior chakras well-aligned can make it easier for you to move forward on your path towards self-discovery and spiritual development. This is why lepidolite makes an ideal companion if you’re looking to connect with your inner wisdom and inherent intuition.

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