Crystals for Memory


This enhances memory, and has a unique way of assisting the way your memory works.

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Pyrite Pyrite is a stone associated with logic, memory and intelligence. It’s a highly energetic mineral with a cubic structure that radiates the sun’s positive influence.

When you have low energy, it’s hard to remember information. Pyrite acts like a shield against draining negative energies. When close to pyrite, you’ll feel less tired and better able to retain information.

Along with boosting energy, it’s believed that pyrite increases blood flow to the brain. So, it’s understandable why this mineral makes an excellent choice for improving your memory and recall.

Car Quartz: Clear quartz is the Stone of Power. This high vibrational crystal amplifies your intention and is easy to programme to improve memory. It also stimulates the Crown Chakra, which aids memory retention.

Like many of the healing crystals on this list, clear quartz can also help you concentrate. This is essential for retaining information during studying or work.

If you’re concerned about memory loss, particularly as you get older, clear quartz will open you to higher consciousness.

This expands your mind and provides clarity of thought, so you can access memories more easily.

Fluorite Fluorite is known as the stone of mental order and clarity. It enhances focus, aids in concentration, amplifies learning abilities, and boosts memory retention

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