Crystals for Mental Focus and Clarity


This helps you to clear memory and increase your focus and clarity.

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Fluorite Fluorite is known as the stone of mental order and clarity. It enhances focus, aids in concentration, amplifies learning abilities, and boosts memory retention. Fluorite can also help one to attain a deep state of meditation and to realize and become aware of one’s life purpose and life path. Due to these intense mentally enhancing properties, fluorite can help to “de-clutter” a boggled mind and can help an individual to make clear, conscious decisions when faced with a life transition or unexpected dilemma.

Citrine: Citrine is great for mental clarity, helping you see the path you need to take to manifest your goals with passion. It will also stimulate your mind and assist you in learning new ideas and theories.

Tigers eye It helps us to think more clearly and creatively, helping us to focus in a better way. 

This stone is wonderful for helping us understand where our emotions come from so that we can resolve those that are unhealthy.

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