Crystals for Self Love


These are the best crystals in increasing your self-love and emotional confidence.

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Rose Quartz:

                   because of their powerful properties that help you balance your love and trust for yourself, balance your emotional state and energy, assist in your healing journey and in opening your heart chakra.

This transforms a lack of confidence and self-belief into new levels of strength, enthusiasm and possibility. The gentle luminosity of sunstone also highlights your talents and abilities in their full glory.

Use sunstone for nurturing your leadership qualities, boosting self-empowerment and reversing feelings of failure.


                    Rhodochrosite helps you experience a new level of self-love. And the importance of genuinely loving and accepting yourself cannot be understated. When you treasure yourself, you don’t look outside for reassurance. Instead, you draw from your own well of inner security and love.


                    Lepidolite is calming and nurturing, like a warm hug from a kind friend when you need some support. It aligns with the 4th chakra, helping open your heart to fully accept yourself–warts, struggles, mistakes and all. It can also help you find more compassion and patience for others and the role their relationship plays in your life.


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